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Jigsaw falling into place

Radiohead tribute band Hail to the Thieves cleverly reinterprets “the high octane as well as the soft, poetic lyrical soundscape,” enthused one punter after a concert last year.

“I soared through the arcs and peaks, and got lost in the shapeshifting and redefining of the original album in a respectful, polished way.”

Made up of the multi-talented Ben Throp, Jeff Boyle, Jason Johnston, Willie Devine and Bysshe Blackburn, Hail to the Thieves’ energetic, multi-layered performance rocked the Dome in June and is now returning to do it all again.

Hail To The Thieves derived their name from Radiohead’s sixth album, Hail to the Thief which mixes rock and electronic music. Along with a shared love of the Radiohead sound, Throp’s voice is suited to that of Radiohead vocalist Thom Yorke.

“He can sing quite high and high notes are natural to me.”

Radiohead’s first single Creep (1992) became a worldwide hit after the release of their debut album, Pablo Honey but it was the band’s third album, OK Computer that propelled them to international fame.

It is the band’s technical, experimental prowess and intelligence that is the inspiration, Hail to the Thieves, guitarist Ben Throp told the Guide last year.

“They’re a fascinating band to uncover. The more you uncover their music the more you’re blown away.”

Hail To The Thieves, the Dome Room, Saturday, February 2, 8.30pm. $20 cash on the door.

OCEAN BLOOM: Ben Throp of Radiohead tribute band Hail To The Thieves, explores the British band’s atmospherics at the Dome Room. Picture supplied