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Few words in the English language are as ugly as the vapid nomenclature “prog rock”.

The obsolete term refers to any music outside the meat and two veg, pub-rock act to get drunk to.

If you like bands such as Pink Floyd, Elbow, Strangely Arousing, or Subset, you’ll like Pencarrow.

The New Zealand four-piece’s keyboard player Anthony Rose (pictured) certainly grooves out to the sound generated from a combination of “diverse musical backgrounds and influences to create adventurous and thought-provoking music.”

Pencarrow performs at Smash Palace on Saturday as part of the band’s Growth In The Absence Of Light tour.

The recently-released album of the same name is described by bandcamp as an “exploration of love, loss, the sense of self, and the unfathomable fluctuation of time in complex human relationships.

This cinematic musical journey is driven by progressive rock (sigh) and embellished by orchestra, Javanese gamelan and multiple guest soloists.”

Pencarrow, Growth In The Absence Of Light tour, plus support acts The Ashes, and UNI-FI will play at Smash Palace on Saturday night. Tickets are $10 at the door.