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Licence to shoot

The Gisborne Camera Club is doing very well this year, says photographer Elenor Gill who was recently acknowledged with the Photographic Society of New Zealand’s Licentiate award.

The award is the first tier of the Photographic Society of New Zealand’s (PSNZ) Honours distinction.

“It’s an internationally recognised qualification. It depends on what you want to do with your photography. If you were working professionally it’d be a big boost.”

As acknowledgement of Gill’s skills the award has been a well-deserved boost for the Gisborne enthusiast as well, even if she is quick to deflect praise.

“The Gisborne Camera Club is doing very well this year,” she says.

In January photographic artist Julia De Cleene was announced overall winner of the Photographic Society and has since submitted a portfolio of work for associateship with the (PSNZ). Associateship is the second level of involvement with PSNZ. Fellowship is at the top while Licentiate is the first tier.

It acknowledges a certain degree of confidence,” says Gill.

“For each stage you send in a portfolio on any subject you like. For this award I sent a portfolio of 10 works that demonstrated various skills. You select something you think is appropriate and demonstrates you understand different techniques.”

Next step: Associateship.

CLEAN WIN: Energy, textures and humour feature in Gisborne photographer Elenor Gill’s picture of a red car with the number plate WASH ME tilting through a red roller-brushed car wash. The photograph featured in Gill’s portfolio submission to the Photographic Society of New Zealand and sealed the Licentiate award. Picture by Elenor Gill