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Life's a beach

So many artists live, or have lived, at Makorori Beach they could be a movement of their own except they’re not — but that hasn’t stopped them having a collective exhibition at Verve Cafe.

The Makorori group includes Margaret Hansen, Clive Kelly (who still has a home there), Richard Rogers, Michael Burt, Holly Howman-Evans, and Greg and Di Parker (who recently returned from overseas).

“Apart from the crazy, I don’t know if there is a commonality in subject matter,” says Hansen.

“Living in a place like this supports creativity.”

The smoky effect of sfumato creates a near mystical atmoshere in which is suspended a sepulchral figure in a painting by Clive Kelly. The work is part of collection of pieces by Makorori artists who have a modest exhibition at Verv Cafe. Picture by Rebecca Grunwell