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Chop it, chop it good

With three Gisborne musicians in socialist party punk band Dick Move, the band’s album tour show, Chop!, at Smash Palace next week is a kind of homecoming, says former Gisborne woman Lucy Suttor.

The first-time shredder had no idea two other band members were from her home town until they happened to mention it one evening in the Whammy Bar — “a church for late-night chats about politics” — on Auckland’s Karangahape Road.

Formed in the depths of Whammy, Dick Move’s musicians felt the need to turn late night political chat into action.

Feminist-socialist-party punk agitators Justin Rendell (PCP Eagles, Shitripper), Harriet Ellis (Na Noise, BOZO) and Suttor, Luke Boyes and Lulu Macrae describe Dick Move as a voice for women, working people, and for all those that are fired up to make change in the world.

“A lot of music we’re producing for is a response to dick moves and (people) hard done by with what’s going on in the world,” says Suttor.

The band’s most recent album Chop! is about chopping down landlords of the world and giving it back to the people, says Suttor.

“It’s essentially about how we’re being thrown apart by the people in charge. We’re about getting fired up about social change.”

With song titles such as Femoids Attack, Stag Dudes, and Chop!, could it be Dick Move is fuelled by feminism?

“If you have three women on stage screaming about social justice it’s naturally going to be largely feminist driven.

“Our music takes on heavy subjects but in a way people want to move and scream to and is a cathartic way to release what they’re feeling.”

Dick Move will keep doing what they do best, says the band’s media release.

“Shouting across oceans from the bottom of the world about things that matter, in a thick Kiwi accent.”

Dick Move plus support acts Sit Down in Front, The Rocket Jocks, and Nicky Valentine, Smash Palace, Thursday, December 10, 8.30pm. Tickets $10+bf from undertheradar.co.nz

LET IT SWING: Socialist party punk band Dick Move is on its way to Gisborne as part of the band’s album tour show, Chop! Picture supplied