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Making waves at Miharo

He’s designed graphics for the Makorori First Light Longboard Surfing Classic T-shirts. He’s exhibited works with surfer and screenprinter Tony Ogle, and he’s created, from an orange and brown bedspread, a string of bespoke pennants that feature in his Surfer magazine artist Rick Griffin-influenced style, images of surfing.

But Gisborne-based surfer/graphic artist Daryn Mcbride’s exhibition of new works, Making Waves, that opens at Miharo gallery tomorrow will mark his first solo show since an exhibition of his work in Bali in 2014.

“When I did the show with Tony earlier this year some people asked if I still worked with pastels,” he says.

“Over the past 15 years I’ve slowly introduced more acrylics but I’ve produced three or four pastels for this show. Others are acrylics, and some screenprinting on fabric. The fabric has a resin finish so it looks like a glass finish. It makes the piece look like a glass tile.

“I like to experiment with what’s possible with each thing I work with and try to combine everything.”

Mcbride describes the collection as eclectic although each piece is an extension of an idea through a variety of media.

“It’s probably my ADD (attention deficit disorder) but I have so many strings to my bow I want to show them all. Doing a solo show I can let go and do it just for me.”

Daryn Mcbride’s solo exhibition, Making Waves, opens for one week only at Miharo Gallery, 118 Gladstone Road, tomorrow at 6pm.

THE ARTIST’S STUDIO: Gisborne-based surfer/graphic artist Daryn Mcbride prepares new works for his solo exhibition, Making Waves, at Miharo Gallery. Picture by Paul Rickard