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Finding proof

The stage is set for Evolution Theatre Company's production of David Auburn's drama Proof and the cast of four Gisborne actors await their audiences.

The play centres on Catherine (played by Danielle Siata) daughter of Robert (Hugo McGuinness), a mathematical genius and professor at the University of Chicago. No mean mathematician herself, Catherine cares for her father as his mental condition degenerates but there is a possibility she shares something of his mental illness. Although she has managed to carve out some time for herself to work on a mathematical proof of her own, her mental state brings into question a crucial element of the story.

Her older sister Claire (Susan Partington) returns to help Catherine out of her depression and onto a new and more positive path in New York, whether Catherine wants this or not.

Self-professed math geek and professor at the university, Hal (Andrew Stevens) idolised Robert and visits the house to go through some of his mentor's old papers to see if he was actually able to create anything noteworthy. He finds something that could shake up the world of mathematics but how this plays out you can find out for yourself from tonight.

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