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Birds from my cabin window

For Millie from Grandfather by Donald Gordon

My dear Millie, as I look out my cabin window I see —

Pukeko with red beak, yellow legs, white nappy and rich blue coat

Stalking across the lawn

Knowing I can see her

But hoping

I don’t

Kereru, with wonderful white bib

There are a pair perched high

In the cottonwood tree

They are close together

They seem

The best of friends

They fly away

Swooping to gain speed

And then


Almost straight up

Until they stall

And then

They do it again

Having such fun

They are so fat

It’s a wonder they can fly at all

Cheeky mynah

Stands on the table

In front of my cabin

Cocks its head

Sideways looking

At me

With one eye

She is chocolatey brown

And comes from

India, I think

Mister kingfisher

Is perched in the tree

On the lawn

As the lawn is wet with rain

Big fat worm

Comes out of

The ground

To have a look around

But doesn’t know

Mr Kingfisher is looking

For a meal

And in a flash

Worm is hanging

From Mr Kingfisher’s beak


Breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Hawks own

The big sky in front of my cabin

They soar

They dive

Having a wonderful time

Without a care

In the world

As free as the wind

Wouldn’t it be lovely

To be amongst the clouds

Like a hawk

They are often in pairs

The best of friends

Tui is jetting around too

With his white bow tie

And chortle

A bit of a bully

Likes to chase small birds

Then there is thrush

Who seems content

To all day sing a tune

To no one in particular

Just enjoying making music

A pair of paradise duck

Cruise by occasionally

They are in pairs too

I’m sure they are mates for life

With lots of love,


PS. I wonder if there are some birds around you