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Local talent at NZ Art Show

Among the more than 160 artists whose work features in this year's NZ Art Show are two Gisborne painters, a macrophotographer and a still life photography duo.

Usually based in Wellington, and with accessibility and affordability at its heart, this year's NZ Art Show is presented online as a virtual exhibition.

Here you can view the works of Phoebe Gander, roOm, Holly Thomas, and Runa and Holly. Links to their online exhibition images are pasted below.

Gander is a mixed media artist who draws on the ocean, sky and landscape of Wainui Beach for inspiration while roOm (Jason Courtis) explores, through macrophotography, the surrealistic effect of paint dripping from ordinary objects.

The artist also taps into isolation in many images and travels to remote or overlooked locations to photograph at dusk, dark or in low-light.

Abstract painter Holly Thomas' work ranges from contemplative pieces to gestural works that live on the wild-side in media that includes pencil, paint, oil stick, charcoal, spray paint, and glazes.

Photographer Runa Kuru and florist Holly Tong combine their talents to create dark and luminous works that recall the style of still life painting that emerged during the Dutch and Flemish Renaissance in the 16th century.

The NZ Art Show online gallery will continue until the end of the year. Buyers liaise directly with the artists to arrange payment and shipping.

Since 2004, the NZ Art Show has supported more than 4000 artists, awarded more than $140,000 and has sold more than 23,000 works of art, generating more than $14 million.

“The selection process had just taken place when we had to make the decision to cancel the show in Wellington. We had to think on our feet and were determined to support the artists and to continue to deliver the NZ Art Show, albeit in a different format,” said NZ Art Show executive director, Carla Russell.

“The arts community needs everyone to rally around them, and this is the perfect way to help.”

NZ ART Show links to Gisborne artists:

' Phoebe Gander - www.artshow.co.nz/artist-details/phoebe-gander

' roOm - www.artshow.co.nz/artist-details/room

' Holly Thomas - www.artshow.co.nz/artist-details/holly-thomas

' Runa and Holly - www.artshow.co.nz/artist-details/runa-holly

Local art, nationwide gallery: Phoebe Gander's painting Forget Where We Were is one of a range of works created by Gisborne artists that are part of the annual NZ Art Show which is exhibited online this year. Picture supplied