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Neil Young home alone on Sugar Mountain fireside sessions

Snowflakes drift down on country-rocker Neil Young as he performs Sugar Mountain in his backyard in the first of his self-quarantine fireside sessions.

Filmed by his wife Darryl Hannah, Young's video presentation of fireside hits sung around his Colorado property has been described as a beautiful, intimate and strange experience.

He peppers his mini performance with dry asides and a grin.

But with a snow-capped mountain range and cold, leafless trees in the background as he performs Sugar Mountain, it's a wonder his lips don't stick to his harmonica.

For the next song, Vampire Blues, he's back indoors and playing by the fire.

Love Art Blues, Tell Me Why, and Razor Love follow and the set ends with a knockout performance on piano of the Jimi Hendrix classic, Little Wing.

Join virtual Neil outdoors and by the fire at his place at www.neilyoungarchives.com/movie-night

FOREVER YOUNG: Solitude only makes country-rocker Neil Young cooler and he has taken self-quarantine as an opportunity to make a collection of fireside performances at his place - and we're all invited.Picture supplied