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Flamenco guitarra, danza, y toque de palmas in Gisborne

The red-blooded sound of Andalusia comes to Gisborne this month when flamenco guitar player Paul Bosauder brings a dancer, and a world-class flamenco percussionist and singer to the Lawson Field Theatre.

Bosauder's show, Tierra y Mar (Earth and Sea) is said to contrast tradition and innovation, expression and discipline.

“Flamenco is a language and music that developed in communities . . . el pueblo, just like blues and jazz,” says Bosauder.

“If you know how to play, to accompany dance and song, then the audience will accept you, even admire you. There is a huge range of styles and tastes within Spain, but flamenco is a live music.”

Multi-award-winning flamenco dancer, Triana, who has worked alongside top flamenco artists, will interpret traditional flamenco styles as well as Bosauder's compositions.

The performance also includes percussionist Lito Manez and the cante (singing) of Thais Hernandez.

After more than 10 years working and studying with Spain's elite flamenco artists, Bosauder received the Matricula de Honor while completing his studies at ESMUC (Escuela Superior de Musica de Cataluna).

In 2018, he introduced Australasia to his work resulting in a completely sold-out summer tour.

A recently completed tour of Mexico and a few US cities also received rave reviews.

Bosauder is “a sensitive and emotive performer with a deep understanding of flamenco music”, says award-winning Spanish flamenco guitarist and producer Alberto Lopez.

“His compositions are original and full of personality but still respectful to the traditions and building blocks of true flamenco music.”

Flamenco is believed to have originated in Andalusia during the eighth to 15th centuries when Spain was under Arab domination.

The invaders' music and musical instruments were modified and adapted by Christians and Jews, and later by gypsies, becoming a hybrid music separate from the musical forms which created it.

“Between 1765 and 1860, the first flamenco-schools were created in Cadiz, Jerez de la Frontera and Triana (Seville),” says web-page All About Spain.

“In this epoch, flamenco dance started to have its firm position in the ballrooms.

“Early flamenco seems to have been purely vocal, accompanied only by rhythmical clapping of hands, toque de palmas.

“It was left to dedicated composers, such as Julian Arcas, to introduce guitar playing.”

Tierra y Mar, Paul Bosauder flamenco tour, Wednesday, January 29 (8.30pm), Lawson Field Theatre. Tickets $55, seniors/students $47.50 from eventfinda and iSite.

TIERRA Y MAR: Flamenco guitar player Paul Bosauder (centre), percussionist Lito Manez (left) and multi award-winning flamenco dancer, Triana bring their world-class sound to Gisborne later this month.Picture supplied
TIERRA Y MAR: Top flamenco guitar player Paul Bosauder, multi-award-winning flamenco dancer, Triana, percussionist Lito Manez and singer Thais Hernandez are to perform in Gisborne.Picture supplied