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R&V with pictures

A selection of arty pictures make up this Rhythm and Vines 2020 pictorial


See what we did there? So cool.

Pictures by RadLab

ON A ROLL: More EDM than rock and toilet roll, youth-fashion leader, 'mumble rapper' and R&V crowd-pleaser Playboi Carti has been described by the New York Times as 'more at ease with the performance of the role than with the actual act of rapping.'
BLUE BUBBLE: The Jaegermeister Rhythm Stage seems to float above the crowd like a luminous sea anemone.
I SEE RED: The frontline at R&V's main stage provides a canvas for dramatic lighting effects.
POWER RUSH: Two artists or technicians tower above the stage as they master electronic consoles.
NO AUTOGRAPHS, THANK YOU: A side-of-stage barrier prevents fans from mobbing The Gisborne Herald's R&V reporters Jack Marshall and Mark Peters.
WISH YOU WERE HERE: English record producer, DJ and remixer Wilkinson pauses for a selfie to send home.
ALL MIXED UP: English record producer, DJ and remixer Wilkinson (above) pauses for a selfie to send home, while San Francisco-based DJ and electronic dance music producer Jauz (below) dials up some big beats at R&V.
OI: Gisborne punk band Sit Down In Front's drummer Rikki Noble hard at work on R&V's Garden Stage.
GOOD MORNING, 2020: Belgian drum and bass producer and musician, Netsky, slices the top off a magnum of Mumm's bubbly to celebrate the arrival of the new year at Rhythm and Vines.
I CAN FLY: A panel judges a festival-goer's belly-flop prowess at the water slide.
WHAT WINGS? Way too much Red Bull for one party person.