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The other side of Christmas

AWAY IN A BORDER CONTROL DETENTION CENTRE: The most well-known refugee family in the world, is how Claremont United Methodist Church senior minister described the figures in cages outside the Southern California church. In the dystopian Nativity scene, Joseph, baby Jesus and Mary are kept in separate cages. The scene highlights the plight of refugees and immigrants separated at the border. 'A nativity is the theological equivalent to public art, and the role of public art has always been to offer awareness,' the church's senior pastor Reverend Karen Clark Ristine told The Washington Post. The intent of the installation was to focus on asylum seekers and the ways they are greeted and treated, said Ristine. Pictures supplied
JINGLE SPARE-CHANGE, JINGLE SPARE-CHANGE: In place of Santa's sleigh, a public seat is harnessed to reindeer in British street artist Banksy's Christmas message on a Birmingham wall. And in place of Santa, a homeless man named Ryan lays down on the bench-sleigh. Banksy is an anonymous street artist whose social commentary in his works is bitingly satirical. 'God bless Birmingham,' captioned Banksy in the video. 'In the 20 minutes we filmed Ryan on this bench, passers-by gave him a hot drink, two chocolate bars and a lighter — without him ever asking for anything.'