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Have your say on the council’s plans


Gisborne District Council has put together its work programmes and vision for the region for the next 10 years and beyond, and now wants residents to tell it what they think of its options, its plans and how it intends to pay for them.

On the last point, the council is proposing to lift its maximum average rates rise to 6.5 percent for the next three years, before returning it to a cap of 5 percent increases for the remainder of its 10-year Long Term Plan (LTP).

For the first year of the plan, which sees the introduction of changes to some rating policies, the average proposed rates rise for different sectors is: city residential 2.2 percent, rural residential 5.9 percent, commercial 3.0 percent, industrial 15.1 percent, pastoral 6.8 percent, horticultural 13.8 percent and forestry 13.2 percent.

The council's draft plans are available on its new-look website for residents to read and make submissions on before 5pm, April 21. Staff and councillors will attend a number of events and drop-in meetings over coming weeks for people to learn more, and to discuss aspects of the plans and what they want for the region.

The council consulted on its plans in September-October last year as it was putting them together. It notes that while there was face-to-face consulting, many discussions had to be done online because this coincided with the tailend of a partial lockdown and it also had a stream of government relief — following the pandemic lockdown, job losses and floods — to get some major projects under way.

The 2021-2031 Long Term Plan (LTP) represents a three-yearly pinnacle of council decision making and strategy setting. Major calls for the council and region are tied into LTPs and the consultation around them every three years as they are updated for the next decade.

Key topics the council wants feedback on are water pipes, wastewater treatment plant wetlands, enhancing biodiversity, road maintenance, township upgrades and flood protection.

Alongside the LTP the council is consulting on some draft plans and policies, including the Regional Land Transport Plan 2021-2031, Fees and Charges 2021-2022 and its Development Contributions Policy.

There is a lot to consider. Please do so and submit your views — as the more people who do, the better the reading our local body has on what the community it serves thinks of its plans. Good submissions and repeated themes do get listened to and, sometimes, acted on.

  1. Peter Jones says:

    I wouldn’t rubber-stamp their BS for all the tea in China. Manufactured consent is all this process is about.