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Prayers of a nation were answered

Opinion Piece

by Mary Parker

Let me tell you about a wonderful miracle that happened in my life. In 1939, when I was about to enjoy my teenage life, Hitler declared war on my country, Great Britain.

I lived in a beautiful part of Essex called Constable Country on my parents’ market garden with my six sisters and one brother. We were 45 miles from London and the older children helped my father every morning to have the produce outside the gate by 6am. It was very hard for the four older children as we would then, always after a hearty breakfast, walk three miles to school.

I left school having dreams of training to be fashion designer, but that was a no-no. I had two choices — work for my father, or in a factory making army uniforms. I chose the market garden, which was not really to my liking.

It was very hard, with air raids every night. When the siren went off we all ran to our Anderson shelter sunken in the ground.

We were not far from the coastline, so we got the brunt of it. There were Bren guns all over our land, to try to intercept the Germans and stop them getting to London.

This went on night after night for four years. We were terrified. We all had gas masks because Hitler threatened to gas us.

I was the only one who prayed to Hail Mary. They thought I was funny, doing this day after day.

Just as Hitler was getting the better of us — sinking all our ships etc — Winston Churchill told us they were planning the D-Day invasion, and that it would come. Nothing seemed to happen.

When we were out working in the fields, we had an old wireless radio wired out in the trees. One morning this melodious voice came over: “Everybody get on your knees and pray, it is D-Day — Our Last Hope.”

Well, some didn’t know God existed but people around us all dropped on their knees. I believe the whole country did. I don’t think Winston was that way inclined.

It was awesome. The sky was covered with gliders full of our young men on their way to Normandy, and God answered our prayers. As they were landing, a strong mist came down and the Germans didn’t see them. It was a real answer to our prayers and we never looked back. We won the war.

Now as a Christian for 50 years, as I read my Bible every day, I could see this coming — for the Lord to come back. It’s all coming true. He must be displeased, as we all know we are living in an evil and perverse generation. So many people have left our lovely Creator on the rubbbish heap, and yet for all that he loves you.

He created us, He created this wonderful world. We’ve spoilt it but he still loves you to call out to him for your children’s sake and look upon him as your saviour.

I’m writing because He loves me. I’m not the best either, but we are precious to him. I plead with you to pray and ask him that he will encamp a host of angels around you and your family. Do it now, like we did that day in 1944.

God loves you all.

  1. Paul and Judy Haynes, Katikati says:

    How wonderful to hear such an amazing story of Faith.
    How Great is God. Blessed are those who Believe.
    We will all come through this Covid-19 lockdown and difficult times with job losses and other trials much stronger if we keep Faith in our Creator.

  2. Marion Circuitt, Auckland says:

    Yes Mary…. And the people prayed…. From the King of England, down. Not just on one day either. How Good God is… And how easily some people think they can do better! And so they muddy the waters. Not just for themselves… But for others as well.
    God is Good. And His love endures forever. I agree with Mary. We must pray for our families. And our friends.