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MoH a captured agency for telcos

Opinion Piece

Thanks to The Gisborne Herald for the quality content about 5G by independent NZ scientists and doctors.

The headline of this letter “RMA only breached closer than 5.5m to a 5G access point” (GH, July 25) is very revealing. Even though the NZ Environmental Standard (NES) – NZS 2772.1:1999 allows radiation levels thousands of times higher than is deemed safe by the building biology standards and higher than most other countries (including Russia, India and China!), these transmitters breach RMA in distances less than 5.5 m!

The Ministry of Health, yet again via a nameless/anonymous spokesperson, is admitting: “Certainly, exposures within a few metres of these sites would have exceeded the public limits, as is the case with almost all sites, whatever technology they use.”

They further admit that “regulations under the Resource Management Act would not permit cellsites that produce exposures in public areas that exceed the public limits.”

And this one takes the cake: “The measurements made near operating cellsites in New Zealand were recorded at distances ranging from 30 to 130 metres from the sites.”

From 30 metres? How many of these masts are right beside the sidewalks, schools, homes, workplaces, malls, hospitals, etc?

I invite your readers to document the location of these masts. And for those of you who have an RF meter, please start recording the power density around these masts at different distances, directions and times. We know 1milliW/m2 (or .1 microwatt/cm2) is already cause for concern according to the building biology standards.

How about District Councils start upholding their regulatory responsibilities in respect to the RMA?

We can't play Russian roulette with the health of our children. We all need to stand up for safe communities and safe technologies, and hold those responsible in government to account.

When our MoH, which has effectively rendered itself as the PR agent for telcos, says “The ministry welcomes further research in this area”, how on earth are they giving permission for telcos to go ahead with 5G technology and put these masts wherever they wish with no input from councils, the public, schools, etc? They are effectively using us as guinea pigs.

Our MoH has become a captured agency for telcos. It is about time that it becomes free of vested interests and gets back to its proper job.

This Government continues to hold people with no symptoms in managed isolation with taxpayers' money, just in case they develop an illness that is similar to the flu, based on the precautionary principle. How about it applies precautionary principle on a technology that many independent scientists and doctors are warning us against with peer-reviewed science?

I also really appreciated and learned much from this column “5G confusion — clarification one step at a time” in the same issue of The Herald.

MoH needs to push the pause button on 5G, until all the concerns raised by Dr Redmayne are addressed. Dr Redmayne's deep understanding of the radiation issues allows her to convey science in simple English for lay people.

I particularly liked this explanation that demonstrates why the beam-forming nature of 5G makes it very different from earlier technologies: “How energy is delivered makes a difference. For instance, if the energy used in patting a baby to sleep over 30 minutes were delivered in one blow, the outcome could be ghastly. In this analogy, the sustained patting represents averaged radio-frequency exposure; the one blow represents the focused beam.”

Our MoH is deceiving us by saying “exposures to 5G signals are similar to, or lower than, those from existing cellsites”.

Simin Williams

  1. Clare Swinney, Whangarei says:

    Where is the Green Party? Are they for making commercial deals at the expense of species diversity and planetary health now? Evidence has emerged suggesting that high frequency 5G leads to an enormous loss of insect life. Interestingly, their silence today is in marked contrast to the party’s apparent views a decade ago, when one of their members advised The Local Government and Environment Committee, that “. . . cell phone radiation can cause adverse effects even at low exposure levels that are thousands of times below the public safety limits set in our standard”. Plus, in 2015 the Green Party was clearly concerned with controlling cell phone antenna numbers. This year, the Green Party is advising that they have no intention to intervene or stop the roll-out of 5G.
    I will be voting for a political party that genuinely cares about protecting the public and environment from this dangerous infringement.
    For those who are not aware of the threat we face from this technology, please refer to the scientific studies cited here:

  2. Jennie Brown - East Coast Candidate for Advance NZ Public Party says:

    It is inexcusable that those in leadership roles, who were voted in by the people, are choosing to ignore our concerns about 5G. Many cities around the world have halted the roll-out of 5G. We must do the same. Over eighteen thousand people have signed our petition to Parliament. A moratorium is needed and independent research studies conducted. Until safety studies are done, WE DO NOT CONSENT!

    1. Sue Grey, Nelson says:

      Fantastic that the petition I drafted for you has received so many signatures. Well done Gisborne and New Zealand. Very poor show by the current MPs who admitted they don’t understand science and rely on their advisers when the NZ Outdoors Party presented its 5G Regulations Review Complaint to Parliament with support from Dr Mary Redmayne. When we are in the ‘hive, people power will prevail.

      Sue Grey
      Co-leader, NZ Outdoors Party
      LLB (Hons) BSc (Biochemistry and Microbiology), RSHDipPHI

  3. S.Williams says:

    PS. Some relevant reading on the subject:
    Serious safety concerns about 5G wireless deployment in Australia and NZ
    Prof. Butler Review of the Health Risks of 5G and Policy Implications

    And this interview with Australian lawyer is a must listen-to:
    Ray Broomhall: SpaceX plans 40,000 more 5G global microwaving satellites, threatening life on Earth

  4. Jeremy Vize says:

    “If you want to understand the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration,” Nikola Tesla.
    Why are we allowing man-made interference in this area without an independent investigation into the safety? Jen Brown from the New Zealand Public Party is against the roll-out of 5G in Gisborne until it is proven safe for all living things.

  5. H. Marsh, Canterbury says:

    Congratulations, Gisborne Herald, for making public the concerns about this technology. Thank you.

  6. Floyd Rudolph, Christchurch says:

    Easy to see those in govt who I won’t be voting for. Kia ora Gisborne Herald.

  7. Laurie Ross, West Auckland says:

    Congratulations to The Gisborne Herald for providing a public platform for intelligent dialogue on the issue of 5G technology. Most NZ media ridicule concerns about 5G Electromagnetic non-ionising radiation and only interview experts who say it is safe. Government and telcos are refusing to heed scientists and medical doctors who warn of harm to health and environment from this untested technology. It is great to see other comments on this page with links to authoritative reputable science.

    Meanwhile, thousands of antennas and celltowers are being rolled out in every part of the country on all New Zealanders 24/7 without consent! This is a violation of freedom and democracy. The greatest danger is from the 20,000+ satellites being launched into space, to connect with the antennas and 5G SMART devices filling our homes for the Internet of Things (IoT). People do not realise the dangers and are not warned.

    The dominant narrative is that there are no problems. The telcos invest millions of dollars into marketing 5G so that compliant consumers are compelled to buy more new tech stuff, in order that they may profit.
    They are not concerned nor liable for harmful constant exposure to 5G EMFs on our children, who could be the ones suffering from increased cancers etc. in the future.
    Like DDT, asbestos and other past ‘mistakes’ due to ‘lack of evidence’, the telcos and government agencies responsible for inflicting this on the population don’t want to be held to account. But at least some of us are not fooled by false assurances and brave enough to speak out.