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Look after yourself and your whanau

Opinion Piece

These are unprecedented times and it is understandable that we all feel a bit anxious.

Tonight, as a country, we will start with our four weeks of self-isolation. That means that we must all stay home and avoid any physical contact with anyone who is not part of our household.

No need to worry about food, though — our supermarkets and our essential services will operate as normal.

There is no need to panic-buy. You can pick up your weekly groceries as normal. There is more than enough for everyone.

Just make sure that when you pop out to the supermarket or the pharmacy, you keep two metres away from anyone around you.

This way we will slow down and hopefully stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Whilst at home, remember to get a lot of fresh air and let your kids have fun outside. Enjoy the lovely autumn weather.

Touch base with your friends and use social media to share tips, information and to keep spirits high.

Pick up the phone and check in on your older friends.

If you know of anyone who needs welfare support, please ring us on 0800 653 800 and we will reach out to them.

Thank you to our medical workers who will be looking after the sick. Thank you to all our other workers who are keeping our supermarkets, pharmacies, petrol stations and other essential services open. We salute you.

As we go on this unknown journey together, please stay strong.

Be kind.

Look after yourself and your whanau.

Together we can do this.