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Over the Doom and Gloom rants

Opinion Piece

It's been a long time between drinks. However I can only hold my breath for so long. Firstly I am over Bob and his perpetual rantings and the justification of Doom and Gloom. I am over Martin Hanson and all the others that bombard us with their crusades.

The Gizzy Herald article on Monday about the Millennials that all bugger off and leave their nylon and plastic-produced tents and furniture (made from petrochemicals) all over the planet has driven me to come out of retirement and send them a broadside.

I loved seeing all these young people enjoying our bit of paradise — a wonderful bunch of well-mannered people and I would be proud to call them rellies. They just need a reality check.

Or do they? Living the dream or living the threat of doom? Good question. I don't think they are as convinced the future is doomed as the media says they are.

“But”, they live in La La Land and it is time we put a stop to the international nonsense.

Greta Thunberg has changed her Twitter name to capitalise on a bloopa from a flaky film star; she needs a reality check. I take great exception to the cocky little bugger telling me my generation has screwed up the planet when she is burning resources like they are going out of fashion.

The jet set in Hollywood went vegetarian for their big soiree but flew their flowers in from Italy and Ecuador. Give me a break. Those jets were soiling the atmosphere like there was no tomorrow if you believe the doom merchants.

The world is being driven by nut cases from all over the planet. Takes me back to the crap that went down when we went into the new century. People spent s**t loads of money protecting their IT software and what happened? Diddly squat, that's what happened.

One day some poor bugger is going to have to stand up and admit it's all a load of bollocks — damn I feel for him/her.

No wonder the suicide rate is climbing, there is so much bad news these youngsters are getting bombarded by. Any of them who are touch on the fragile side must see bugger all that gives them confidence in the future.

Me! I feel fine, my grandees will look back on this aghast.

Just try buying a cheap waterfront property internationally and you will see what I mean. No one is buying into this bull dust of rising sea levels and un-survivable change.

Let's look after the planet like most of us already do, separate the crap from the fact, and get on with our lives. I am not in the camp of no change in the climate but I am in the “it's been happening for millennia” camp.

Please don't forward this to any of the above for comment because I am over the whole bloody lot of them, as are all my friends and acquaintances.

The world is a wonderful place and very capable of adapting to change. It's more capable than most of us are.

Happy new year and many more of them.

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  1. Martin Hanson says:

    Does Mr Ferris accept that since 1980, each decade has been globally warmer than the previous decade? In other words, does he accept that global warming is occurring? If so, does he accept that humans are at least partly to blame?
    I ask these questions because all he has been able to muster in his column is strong emotion; evidence, rational argument seem to be just too difficult for him. Abusive rhetoric is a sure sign of a weak case.

    1. Murray Ferris says:

      I suspect you guys cherry pick what you reply to, like you do with most of the diatribe you write. I accept and I say that climate change is real, did you miss that or what? It’s the level of change and to what extent we are responsible that I take issue with, and there is a tonne of stuff written by “experts” that contradicts the other “experts” – light on actuals, big on generalisations.
      The main thrust of my article was Millennials and their ability to talk but not walk. The people that should be leading by example are the worst.
      The waste and the consumption of resources seems to be acceptable, but not what my generation did.
      If you have ever attended the R&V festival and associated campgrounds – and I suspect you haven’t – they not only abandon stuff, they wreck it.

  2. Alan Loye says:

    Murray, you go for it man. All these woolly woofters do is pronounce doom and gloom as if they had absolutely no part in it. Do they still drive their gas-guzzler cars or are they all riding bicycles? Strange, I have not seen an increase in bicycle traffic lately. Three cheers for reality, common sense and practicality. Let reason prevail.

  3. Conor Jeory says:

    I would like to say Welcome Back MF! But after ingesting his horrific, hateful, violent screed I just wanna say Can someone check on the MF? He’s kicking off 2020 with his most Trumpian version of himself. Shivers😕

  4. Martin Hanson says:

    I should add that the European Union’s climate monitoring service has just announced that globally, last year was the second hottest year on record, only 0.04 degrees below the hottest ever year, 2016. This was an el-Nino year, in which temperatures are higher; despite not being an el-Nino year, 2019 was only 0.04 degrees below 2016.
    But it’s the changes over the decades that show that the trend is undeniable. Globally, each of the last four decades has been warmer than the previous decade. No doubt people with their heads in the sand will say that climate data are wrong, or that scientists are corruptly fabricating the data to force us to change our energy-guzzling ways, or that it’s a communist plot.

  5. Don Miller, Picton says:

    Well – I certainly am relieved that it wasn’t Murray who turned to teaching, although I am sure he would have been welcomed in, say, Alabama, where science is scorned.

    Digging a hole so deep that one can no longer see over the rim defines the true, blue climate change denier. That UN plot has certainly worked a treat in Australia, I guess….

    Keep going Murray – we scientists need people to laugh at. Reality is becoming a grim list of disasters that are, rightfully, depressing.

    1. Martin Hanson says:

      Well said, Don – your allusion to Alabama and the Deep South is entirely accurate. The trouble with bigots is that they don’t know they’re bigots. As Ricky Gervais said:
      “When You’re Dead, You Don’t Know You’re Dead. It’s Only Difficult For Others. It’s The Same Way When You’re Stupid”

  6. Lara MEYER says:

    Hi Murray Ferris,
    A few thoughts…

    Millenials are those born between the early 1980s and late 1990s, I believe – not the youth you are referring to. I also enjoyed the presence of so many Gen Y and Zs in town and those who stayed with us at my home. They did leave quite a mess though! I picked up three boxes of their bottle tops and junk off Wainui Beach on December 29.

    What’s with the proliferation of ad hominem comments with which you littered your opinion piece? You sound quite angry.
    Ditto your antipathy towards a passionate and intelligent 16 year old? And you, who used to be an educator!

    During your tenure as a school leader, how did you respond to people who held an opinion contrary to your own?

    To those who subsequently attacked Murray Ferris for his opinions, you sound no better than him.
    Lift the quality of your discourse please.

    1. Martin Hanson says:

      Sorry, Lara – I accept you’re right. It’s just that it’s very hard to keep one’s blood pressure down when people express contempt for those of us who express scientifically well-founded anxiety for our grandchildren’s future. Sometimes it’s very hard to remain polite.

  7. Peter Ferris says:

    Sadly Lara you have obviously been totally misinformed or confused – Murray has never been a school leader although has assisted on many school trips. For someone who likes to be factual, it pays to ensure you know all of them before commenting.

  8. Lara Meyer says:

    Thanks Peter Ferris for pointing out my confusion regarding which Ferris was a former school leader.

  9. Bob Hughes says:

    I didn’t mind being the first mentioned in Murray’s rant. I have known for a long time his climate views differ from mine.
    I do however mind him calling Geta Thunberg, for her honesty, “a cocky little bugger telling me my generation has screwed up the planet . . .” plus his outspoken disregard for the welfare of future generations.
    “His grandees will look back on this aghast.” At what?
    About nine years ago Murray Ferris had a letter here based on a Washington Post, November 1922 weather review article, “Icebergs are melting”. It was about the Arctic Ocean getting warm, vanishing seals and melting icebergs. Climate-denial sites were using this hotter-than-normal event then to rubbish the global warming trend. Murray got sucked in.
    In my reply I went further into the report and said the event should have been taken as a prior warning of today’s situation.
    Something similar. At the 2012 Doha climate talks, famous climate misinformation peddler Lord Christopher Monkton took the empty seat of a Burmese delegate.
    From the desk microphone he addressed the hall: “In the 16 years we have been coming to these conferences, there has been no global warming at all.”
    It wasn’t true of course. The facts then and now are that every part of the Earth’s climate system has warmed, shattering all temperature records.
    And to Murray’s melting icebergs, since that 1922 report Arctic ice has retreated https://www.geo.umass.edu/faculty/jbg/Pubs/Polyak%20etal%20seaice%20QSR10%20inpress.pdf
    And what about that “tonne of stuff written by ‘experts’ that contradicts the other ‘experts’ ” Murray wrote in his follow-up comment?
    Up until 2009 the Artic pack ice had prevented regular marine shipping. It is only in the past 10 years that the Northwest Passage has become a viable shipping route. Many cruise liners now offer summer luxury expeditions for the public.
    In Friday’s editorial you said we should try to be civil, yet on the same page rather than answer civil questions from Martin Hanson, Murray accused us guys of cherry-picking and diatribe.
    Murray’s attack on our cause has backfired. I say on behalf of climate change progress, thanks Murray Ferris for giving us all a boost.