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Following clear Trax

HOLDEN has done some good work to refresh its stylish small SUV, the Trax, to make it even more attractive.

Holden has the Trax well established as a stylish and comfortable SUV that is extremely economical, handles excellently and is at home in the city and on the open road.

Life goes on and improvements are always needed in the SUV market, which is considered by some to be the most competitive in the motoring world.

The 2017 Trax has a new motor, a 1.4 litre turbo petrol delivering through a six-speed automatic transmission with active select. This hearty little unit with maximum power of 103kW and torque of 200Nm matches its predecessor and throws in a bonus of fuel economy of 6.7 litres/100kms. In other words, go just as fast and cheaper.

Holden has also worked on the styling of the 2017 Trax to give it a sharper look with more defined outline. Sitting on striking 18-inch alloys with a new range of colours, it really catches the eye.

The Trax sits high for easy access and egress, with a high stance and seat height and cinemascope standard visibility thanks to additions like quarter lights and wide-angle rear mirrors.

The interior is well designed with matching stitching and a well-appointed dash with a large digital speedo you can’t miss.

All the electronic goodies are there, with the competing tech giants of Apple Car Play and Android Auto giving you all your music at the tap of a finger. Google and Apple maps are also on hand.

The rear seats fold down at two touches to give a versatile choice of storage space for the golf clubs or a full shopping load. The rear door is extremely easy to access.

Topping this all off, both literally and figuratively, in the top model is an electronic sun roof that will really let in the sunshine.

Holden is marketing the Trax as a not-so-serious SUV. But it is still the real deal.

While the Trax are all two-wheel-drive, they have hill descent control, which will allow the vehicle to move safely down a steep slope at 7 or 8kmh.

This little performer comes with a complete safety package.

Major safety assets in the five-star ANCAP portfolio are the rear cross-traffic alert and blind spot alert, which detects a moving object at the side or rear of the vehicle, and rear park assist with rear-facing camera.

Daytime running lights automatically switch on when the motor is running and automatic headlights ensure you are always going to see and be seen.