Gizzy Milk flows off shelves in first week
THE new Gizzy Milk brand has been launched successfully into the Gisborne market and a company spokesman says it has surpassed all expectations.

The new milk is available only at Pak’n Save at this stage.

Gizzy Milk Ltd is a new company and a subsidiary of Waimata Cheese, owned and operated by Rick and Carol Thorpe.

Decades of Gisborne-produced milk ended with the demise of the Gisborne Milk company in the 2007-2008 season.

The Thorpes bought the Gisborne Milk brand and are the only local milk company in Gisborne.

“Sales since the launch on Monday have surpassed all our expectations, with off-the- chart sales and wonderful feedback from the Gisborne community,” company spokesman Kelly Thorpe said this morning.

“We have brought the Gisborne milk brand back where it belongs.”


The council has opted for a $3.5 million redevelopment of the H.B. Williams Memorial Library (involving $2.1m of ratepayer funding), overruling a push by some councillors for a $5.5m redevelopment they say would future-proof the city’s library. Do you agree with the council decision?

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Yes, $3.5 million project
No, should be $5.5m project
No, just use $1.75m from bequests
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