Plea to council from ‘Zombie land’ over after-dark behaviour
KAITI residents sick of their Wild West neighbourhood have reached out to Gisborne District Council for help.

Jill Davidson and Hemara Donnelly presented their sad state of affairs to councillors at the community development committee meeting yesterday.

Mrs Davidson lives on the corner of Endcliffe Road and Ranfurly Street. Mr Donnelly is her near neighbour.

Mr Donnelly says the area becomes “a zombie land” after dark.

“We have drug and alcohol problems in our area. Once the sun goes down it can get real crazy.”

Mr Donnelly says every Thursday and Friday morning at 3.30am, a bottle-smashing frenzy takes place around Ranfurly Street, Endcliffe Road, Cambridge Terrace and Oxford Street.

“You can set your clock to these idiots,” he said.

Mrs Davidson and Mr Donnelly sweep the smashed bottles off their road to avoid an accident.

“The footpath and road are littered with broken bottles. We have to sweep it up before the kids go to school in the morning,” he said.

Mrs Davidson said other “disgusting habits” included people urinating on the street and footpath.

“I rang council to come and clean up the body waste on our footpath. It is foul.”

Mrs Davidson and her neighbours are on tenterhooks after dark as people scream at the top of their voices throughout the night.

“We don’t know if someone has been injured or if they are just being stupid.”

She is also witness on a regular basis to violence.

“Outside our house the other day a brick was thrown into the back of a young lad’s head over a domestic.

“It was awful.

“There was also a guy who turned up late at night recently, asking for us to ring 111 because there were Mongrel Mob and Black Power fighting outside his house with knives.”

Mrs Davidson said another heartbreaking incident was having her newly-painted garage tagged at the weekend.

“We need to know where we can go from here.

“I am asking for help before it gets even worse. What can we do? The police are doing all they can. They really are brilliant but they can only do so much. The council needs to step up as well.”

Councillor Nona Aston had arranged for council staff to meet Mrs Davidson to help her access council and community services.

Mr Donnelly said there were a number of empty houses in Ranfurly Street but people did not want to move into this part of town because they were intimidated by the “socially decrepit” lifestyle of the area.


Gisborne District Council has decided not to proceed with a free parking trial in September, from 3-5pm, after the 8.30-10.30am trial in August. The cost of the extended trial was estimated at $11,000; the aim was to boost shopping in the CBD.

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