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The council’s 10-year plan includes $25.7 million of work on wastewater and stormwater pipes, the state of which necessitates periodic diluted wastewater overflows into the city’s rivers during heavy rain events. This would cut discharges to once every two years on average.

Council staff have recommended boosting this to $31.3m of work on the same 10-year time frame, for a system requiring an overflow once every five years on average.

Another option is $34.7m of work over a shortened time frame of seven years, but with the same standard of a one-in-two-year discharge as in the current plan.

Do you agree with the council recommendation to spend $31.3m over 10 years on the city’s wastewater system, after which it would require overflows into city rivers once every five years on average?

For more detail please read: Clean-river measures could cost $31 million



Yes, $31.3m 10-year option.
No, status quo — $25.7m 10-year option.
No, $34.7m seven-year option.
No, whatever it takes to have no discharges into the rivers.
Don’t know
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